I'm Kerby Emile.

Passionate about well-being

I am a massage therapist and a member of the Association des Massothérapeutes du Québec (AMQ) and I am also a certified personal trainer who helps people achieve their physical goals.

Going to KGM is one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. As a dancer, a fast recovery is everything. Thanks to Kerby for always being so professional and dedicated to his clients.


Let us know about your tensions.

We make sure your body gets the right pressure to release tensions from your muscles


KGM cares about your tensions and we make sure that you feel better right after the treatment

  • KGM takes the time to listen, so we know exactly where to bring relief.

  • Unlike a spa, our massages are more therapeutic

  • Suitable adapted pressure and different techniques are applied for nodes or tensions that are sorer.

  • The massage therapist is passionate about what he does, and it is felt

  • Being a personal trainer as well adds a little extra. Stretching tips or other tricks are given so you can apply in your daily life routine

  • Being a Member of the Association des Massothérapeutes du Québec (AMQ) makes me entitle to issue insurance receipts if needed.

Our Goal is to make you feel better after the treatment

KGM is focusing on doing the best that we can to release all major tensions that you may have on your body and to bring down any stress, anxiety as well. Massage is for anyone who has muscle tensions. Massage is often seen as a luxury you pay for and yet it is a necessity that your body needs.

We live with stress, with pain piling up from year to year that limit us in our daily life, that plays on our mood and that gives us the feeling of feeling old despite our young age.

With KGM the goal is that you always feel good and relaxed that makes life easier. This allows us to have a balance of life.


Read the experiences of people who have taken our services



"Extremely professional and polite. Kerby listens to your needs and also if the pressure is good enough. I recommend 100% "



"Kerby is a passionate person at what he does and it shows in his work as a massage therapist, he always does the best he can to make me feel good and asks questions to always get the best possible result every time. "



"I was pleasantly surprised with the massage therapy service Kerby offered me. He really listens to our body and in no time my pain is gone. He knows his field very well and even offers tips / exercises to make healing even more effective. Thanks to the quick results, I am proudly a regular of his services. I strongly recommend it to you!

Ready to take your tensions off ?

We help you release muscle tension.


Frequently asked questions by our customers

What are the prices to get a massage?

If you come where we’re located:

  • 30min - $50 (back only)

  • 60min - $70

  • 90min - $95

For mobile service:

  • 30min - $75 (Back only)

  • 60min - $90

  • 90min - $120

What are the payment methods?

Cash, debit or credit

Can I have a massage as a pregnant woman?

Unfortunately, this option is not currently available. However, this service will be available in the future.

Can I have a massage if I'm sick?

I invite you to contact me before because some diseases have contraindications therefore you can’t have this treatment.

Can I pay for someone?

Yes. There are also gift cards available

What are the steps to follow before starting the massage treatment?

Here are the steps as you come in:

  • Disinfect your hands

  • Complete the health check if it’s the first time

  • Change for the treatment

  • Let the massage therapist do his treatment

Training and massage complement each other well

We also offer the private training service. If you are someone who wants weight loss, build muscle, challenge yourself and stay in shape.

Private training is available

At my location

At the Gym


Take a 10-session package

Take advantage of a discount on our massage therapy service by purchasing one of our 10 session packages.